How to become the CEO of a company?

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CEO is
–  A person who leads businesses or organization is Chief Executive Officer. CEO’s are counted in Board of Directors, but are responsible setting and carrying out the goals of their organization. For the long-term success of an organization, they look to the future and accordingly set a goal that benefits an organization.

Any certification or licensure requirement –  It doesn’t need any government certification but yes non-government course is indeed for knowledge purpose. There are many such courses which provide institute certificates they train the person with the required knowledge to become a CEO.  Apart with qualification, one can be a CEO if he/ she has a power to run a  business with their active minds.

The time required to become a CEO –  Time yes, it needs lots of experience,  to be a CEO of a large organization one has to work with day and night to touch the pinnacles you need to work hard and harder. Competition is much higher nowadays no. of MNC’s are increasing and so the bar is high.

Earnings of CEO – Of course, they depend on an organization, experiences, and progress.

Job prospects  –  As per statistical analysis of knowing  Bureau it was expected that employment of the CEO will grow by 11% till 2020, with reference to the increasing occupation. Growth will be due to new organizations forming and expanding of existing organizations. Competition for the CEO position is  raising  the temperature among the new blood.

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Career prospects for CEO –  Once you achieve the coming position than if you stick by that you can grow naturally, it all depends on your  working and experience and how you grasp from other talents and wide yourself with mutual benefits to an organization you are working for.

Find a job as CEO – This is high and heavily depends on the network also nowadays on and off campus recruitment is providing wide platforms to the freshers and learners of management students.

Management Institutes In India

Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad

Indian Institute of Management its branches are in Ahmedabad (IIM-A), Kolkata (IIM-C), Bangalore (IIM-B), Jamshedpur, Lucknow(IIM-L).Kozhikode(IIM-K), Raipur, Ranchi (IIM-R), Shillong(IIM-S). Rohtak (IIM-Ro), Trichy (IIM-T)

S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai

Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai

There are many Institutes and Admissions are On the basis of Entrance Test Scoring where the Cut-Off is given preference.


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