The Leader – By N. S. Ravi


First of all, I would like to congratulate the author for showing enough courage to write on a topic which is long forgotten. The story deals with the Mumbai textile strike that happened in 1982. The author picked up a unique theme for the tale and acquainted the readers with a vital event in the Indian history and its effects on the population. The story was narrated in third person perspective. The events leading on to it and its aftermath. It is an eye-opening account for something that created havoc in the financial capital of the nation and still, it created chills at the very mention. It traced the decline of the cotton mills to the steady rise of the durable polyester. The author has described every detail in the wheel that had driven India towards Industrial advancements. The extensive research he had undertaken to validate the facts in the eye of the reader is evident in every section of the book. He let the characters do the talking by keeping the dialogues minimal. The behavioral changes in a person after the possession of power and wealth was articulated well in words. For the generation of the 80s, it will be a reminiscent of the past and a new trivia to the youngsters. The simple language that was used, proved to be handy while explaining the facts.

The Leader” by N.S. Ravi is a fictional story inspired by reality! Overall, an amazingly beautiful read.

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