Tete-a-Tete with Mr. Raghvendra Singh Nain


Today creative coach will introduce a person who believes in Transformational Leadership yes I am talking about the young and enthusiastic principal of R.S.Nain School, Moradabad. He is an achiever and works for others. His vision for literature is very clear and he strives to provide a better education for his students. Mr. Raghvendra Singh Nain, a man who is providing a platform to novice writers through his team Raghav. Let’s know more about this talented Principal.

Hello sir, everyone knows you as a principal of R.S Nain school, tell us something about yourself.

Raghvendra Sir: I  belong to Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh where I  run a school named R.S. Nain School. I am the principal of this institution. I  have done my higher education in English Literature and  B. Ed from DSVV Haridwar. I believe to explore new things.

Few know about TEAM RAGHAV, just give a glimpse about the same for those who don’t know.

Raghvendra Sir: Team Raghav is a unit of R.S.Nain School that gives people the opportunity to work in the field of Literature. The one who worship literature and who is passionate about writing! We provide a chance to everyone who wants to take their writing to the next level without asking for any sort of money for all the write-ups are priceless.

What is the specific aim of TEAM RAGHAV?

Raghvendra Sir: The motive behind bringing TEAM RAGHAV is that those young people who want to come to the field of Literature should be given a chance to show their talent.

To be a principal is the toughest job, we would love to know how you build a positive school culture or climate? 

Raghvendra Sir: As a Principal, you have a lot of responsibilities. I believe that Education is a medium that inspires you to do something different. You cannot put more pressure on your students. You have to understand that what are the hobbies of your student and in which subject he is interested.

Describe your Leadership style.

Raghvendra Sir: I believe in Transformational Leadership. Transformational leadership is defined as a leadership approach that causes a change in individuals and social systems. In its ideal form, it creates valuable and positive change in the followers with the end goal of developing followers into leaders.

When dealing with difficult students, at what point do you involve parents? How would you communicate with them?

Raghvendra Sir: I Believe that a good teacher is the one who understands the problem of his students. According to psychology, every child is different and I always say to parents that One of the most important things that you, as a parent, should work on is understanding your child’s psychology. No, you need not get a ‘degree’ in parenting. What you should do, though, is find out about the simple things that tell you what your kid likes or dislikes, what makes him laugh or cry, and what motivates him or causes him misery.

According to me Understanding how a child’s brain functions can help you learn about the kid’s behavior, his decision-making, social, logical, and cognitive abilities. The wrong experiences can result in imprinting negative responses into your child’s mind, having an adverse effect on his overall development. Knowing how his brain works will help you transform negative experiences or meltdowns into positive experiences or opportunities.

Teachers are pillars of a successful school, how do you empower teachers to be leaders?

Raghvendra Sir: For me, being an empowered teacher means having the freedom to provide every student with the education that they deserve. When teachers are empowered in their classrooms, their confidence and job satisfaction can be increased. This can help with overall retention of teachers and lead to more innovation in the classroom. This could also lead to overall school improvement.  I believe that when teachers’ confidence increases and when they feel competent in their abilities, classroom instruction will improve. We encourage other teachers to seize opportunities to share their strengths with other members of the staff. By providing opportunities, teachers are accepting leadership roles. Furthermore, participating teachers learn new skills to increase student learning. As teachers improve together as a staff, individual and school moral can increase.

Describe your vision of an effective (elementary/middle/high) school.

Raghvendra Sir: A school’s mission must be academically focused, as after all that is the primary function of the school environment. In the effective school, the principal acts as an instructional leader and effectively and continually communicate the mission of the school to staff, parents, and students. In addition, the principal understands and applies the characteristics of instructional effectiveness in the management of the instructional program. Clearly, the role of the principal as the articulator of the mission of the school is crucial to the overall effectiveness of the school.

You are an author how (coincident or pre-planned)?

Raghvendra Sir: It was pre-planned. I wrote my first poem in second grade and I remember when I left science and got admission in the arts at that time I realized that I have to come to the field of literature.

Tell us about your latest project.

Raghvendra Sir: “Tenuous Breathes of Girls” and “Mr. First’s World” is our latest project.

What does literary success look like to you?

Raghvendra Sir: If you can give something better to literature then that is your biggest success.

To be a Principal was your childhood dream. Or else it’s a fate.

Raghvendra Sir: No, It was not my childhood dream, It’s just a fate that  I have this responsibility and I am trying to give my best in it.

How would you bridge the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students?

Raghvendra Sir: I never discriminate between students. For me every child is special.

How do you manage your work with your passion for writing?

Raghvendra Sir: I believe in Time Management and whatever I think I write. For me, you cannot tie writing because ideas can come at any time so they should be written if they are worth writing.

A word of advice that you would like to give to our readers?

Raghvendra Sir: Giving excuses for your failures or blaming the govt., society or your parents will not help. It never has. It never will. Hard Work is the only way to reach your dream destination.

Moreover, for the ones who are too much afraid to chase their dream I would like to say to them that we learn more from failure than from success. Do not let it stop you. Failure builds character.

Thank you, sir, for your valuable time, it was a great session with you. You have taught our readers many good things that they can adopt from you. Creative coach wishes you and Team Raghav a great success in future.  Also very best for your upcoming project.


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