Tarot Cards for Month of September

  1. 1. Aries – In this month, you need to take care of your health. If you have been recovering from illness then have patience and trust in Divine power. Take the courage to be strong – It is not the time to hide yourself or your emotions. Use the authority of your inner consciousness and decide according to your inner connection. Try to avoid being angry or irritated in any situation. Regular meditation and walk in fresh air is strongly recommended.

Lucky colour – Brown

  1. Taurus – The cards recommends the good month as you enjoy the progress in financial matters and also good health. This will be a balanced month in all areas of your life. But the caution in the cards suggests don’t let anyone take advantage of your kind nature. You need to enjoy life with self-confidence. You will reach fulfilment of your desires and necessities in your relationship. Those looking for job change or job will get the opportunity in this month.

Lucky Colour – Red

  1. Gemini – This will be the month of seeking blessings and immense grace from Divine energy. There is possibility of fulfilment of your dreams. You need to be careful when communicating with other people. Be wary about carelessness, superficiality and hastiness. Do not fear to face a proposal that does not satisfy you. Keep calm in every situation. Regular Exercise and balanced approach is recommended for the month.

Lucky Colour – White

  1. Cancer – The cards this month suggests to have patience and courage to face the difficulties coming in your life. Avoid negative people and negative comments as they may harm you. Remember that if you make a difficult decision in your life, it may result in inner peace and satisfaction. Push aside your old unresolved disputes and drop your weapons and accept your spouse conciliatory gesture. Do have the clear communication but in a subtle manner.

Lucky colour – Blue

  1. Leo – You need to act with consideration and if there is any reason to celebrate or travel out of city, just do it. You might be confuse with too many options to choose from. You should either take advice from some expert and then go with the first instinct that comes from within. Positive attitude to people who surround you will be appreciated. Choose the one option from many option and then don’t let any doubt come in between your decision. Meditation and prayers will help you in making decision.

Lucky Colour – Green

  1. Virgo – This is the month of action for your plans. If you have been planning for anything then its time to bring the plans into the action for results. You should not delay in implementing your plans as it might get too late for action. Be open to amorous encounters. Open your heart to people you trust and love. Show your feelings more sincerely. Do not keep feelings to yourself and show your love without restraint.

Lucky Colour – Silver or Grey

  1. Libra – Those who have been looking forward to travel abroad, will get the chance in this month. The process of getting visa and tickets may now move in positive direction. If you are really disappointed with your life you may end up looking for a new way. Listen to your inner voice and do not let others intervene into your matters or relationship. Keep emotional certainty and stability. Instead of hasty decisions have a think about this situation.

Lucky Colour – Brown

  1. Scorpio – Some of you might travel overseas this month. There is new arrival in your life too may be a new job or new family member. This is going to be a month of delight for you. Ask yourself what happiness and satisfaction mean to you. Enjoy life and cherish things around you. Do not show your back to others. If you feel down it may bring you problems. Finish your tasks with delight and cooperate with others at work.

Lucky Colour – Green

  1. Sagittarius – The cards this month suggests that you have been working hard on some project. But it is not the time to give up or take rest. You are near your future and success in the field, just keep going no matter what. This card represents care, worry about the other person and spiritual maturity. Follow the voice of your heart – do things that will make you happy. Let your soul encourage you. Avoid unhealthy habits and go for exercise or walk.

Lucky Colour – Yellow

  1. Capricorn – You might be assigned with the difficult task at work, trust that with courage and careful planning you will be able to do it. Whatever you dream of in your life, it will not be a cake walk. You need to gather the strength to achieve your desires. This card offers energy to do new things and deeds, however, do not let the energy be used in a wring way. It is sometimes necessary to postpone too ambitious projects and deliberate further procedures in silence.

Luck Colour – Purple

  1. Aquarius – The September month might be going to be lucky for you. There are Divine blessings with you and you will achieve your desires. If you find yourself in a complicated situation you will show the strength of your character. You have a chance to win over an unfavourable situation or over a competitor. Do not be afraid of being more active in your relationship and trust yourself. If you hesitate too much you will regret it later on. The same applies to your job.

Lucky Colour – Sea Green

  1. Pisces – The cards recommends the good start of the month. However, you need to take care your health or family members. You need to ignore the negative person in your life but avoid getting into the fight or argument. You might have to face obstacles during the journey. You must rely only on yourself to overcome them. The reward will come soon. Don’t rush to any decision in your life. It is also time to learn something new – may be a new hobby or new professional learning.

Lucky Colour – Pink

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