Tarot Card Reading for 01st December to 08th December

  1. Aries – This week you need to create the balance between the work and personal life. It is good to fulfil your responsibilities but it is also equally important to take care of yourself. You work on yourself and you know what the right direction is. You can expect success at work and in your relationship. You will have to make an effort to solve problems and terminate long-term disputes in your relationship.


  1. Taurus – This week is full of celebrations and success at home. The card represents complete harmony in personal life. It is a good time to become reconciled and reach an agreement in your relationship. Push aside old unresolved disputes. Drop your weapons and accept your partner´s conciliatory gesture. Listen to your surroundings and resolve any disputes with your co-workers. Thus you will lighten the atmosphere in your workplace.


  1. Gemini – There might be some arguments at the work front. You might need some expert advice for the team work and team building. You have a chance to win over an unfavourable situation or over a competitor. Take your heart and face the obstacles. Protect your territory and your life space. However, do not be too competitive as it may cause harm to you and to the others.


  1. Cancer – This week is to stand firm in your decision and believe in yourself. You need to focus on only one work at a time. Work with your future using experience you gained. Use your natural ability in your new job. You will not resist bringing back the memories of the childhood and past. It is possible you will meet a person you have not seen for a long time. You should always look forward. Be careful – do not rest on your laurels.


  1. Leo – You are being too demanding recently in your dealings and its time to look within and examine yourself. It is also time to protect yourself from negativity. If you get a chance to help others, do not refuse it. As soon as you work hard and relentlessly, you will achieve your goals. Try to be balanced and use your energy wisely. A new relationship is approaching. At work you will feel like taking risks.


  1. Virgo – The card advices not to give up as you will soon reach your goals. You find yourself in a favourable life period full of security and material stability. You will reach a feeling of realization and fulfilment. Your creativity will be praised at work. Your relationship will be full of love and tenderness. You have been working hard from past few days and reward is just on the way.


  1. Libra – There might be good news on the family front as new member will be added soon in your family. The card beings happiness and new beginnings positively this week. Be careful when communicating with other people. Try to avoid dirty words and other mishaps which cause cold atmosphere between you and your partner or co-workers.


  1. Scorpio – This week is for time to receive you all that you have been waiting for and desired from a long time. Success and victory is on the way and brings joy this week. Be yourself. All the rest is what the others say. Search for the truth hidden in yourself, not for the truth that someone tells you. Listen to your inner instincts. Try to find your real inner needs and ideal position in your job.



  1. Sagittarius – This week is good time to start something new in your personal life and work life. If you are seeking for partner, then you might meet one this week. Clear your head early in the morning. With your mind clear you will work more effectively and you will have plenty of new ideas. The week is good for clarifying deeply rooted problems in your relationship. Trust your own bright perception and common sense.


  1. Capricorn – Those who dream to travel overseas might get the news for the same this week. This is good time for visa approval and working with multinational companies. The only way to real happiness is love and sincerity to your loved ones and to people who surround you. The belief in balance will help you deal with troubles and problems this week. Meditate deeply on what you truly desire.


  1. Aquarius – This week brings the balance and harmony in your life. You will be able to easily manage the balance between the work life and personal life. Be open to amorous encounters. Open your heart to people you trust and love. Show your feelings more sincerely. Do not keep feelings to yourself and show your love without restrain.


  1. Pisces – The card suggests that the tough time don’t last. Be patient as the struggles only come to make you more strong and learn something new. Don’t loose hope come what may. Open yourself to your desires and premonitions, but also to fears and nightmares. You will improve your spiritual perceptiveness.

About Tarot Card Reader – Megha Sehgal, A professional tarot card reader. I believe in Meditation and simple remedies. For personal reading contact at 9871532320 or 8076097521. You can also email at meghasehgal31@gmail.com

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