Stanched Vegetables for Healthy Life

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Stanched vegetables help you to lose weight and fend off chronic diseases.  Consumption of stanched vegetables at least once a day bestows numerous benefits on your health.

Benefits of  stanched vegetables

  1. Help you to fight against bloat –  They help by reducing the size of our bloating bellies and provide ease with many stomach problems like acidity. They are easily digested ’s which makes them very fruitful for our health.
  2. Help in creating a youthful glow – Yes, these vegetables help in skin glowing, make us look younger. Vegetables prevent unwanted signs of aging and keep skin young and supple thanks to phytonutrients, vitamin C, and high water content.
  3. Help in reducing stress –  Nutrients like magnesium and vitamin C are depleted rapidly during stress and these are the only nutrients which help in calming you from inside so, luckily many vegetables contain these very nutrients, as well as tension-reducing omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins that fight anxiety and depression.
  4.    Help in treating and preventing kidney stones –  To avoid health complication start       including boiled or steamed vegetables as these vegetables are helpful in removing 87% of oxalates (compounds that play a key role in the formation of kidney stones) present in foods. Intake of stanched vegetables regularly helps in the treatment of the condition. Apart from this, adding stanched vegetables to your meals prevents kidney stones.
  5.    Help in promoting hair growth –  Use of stanched vegetables like carrots or onion aid in hair growth by stimulating hair follicles.  Stanched some carrots or onion, grind them by adding water. Apply this paste no your scalp and leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash it off with normal water. Do this regularly for effective results.
  6.    Miracle diet for babies –  Yes, this can be used as weaning food for infants or growing babies like potato soup can be given or mix veg. A soup can be given to babies that can make child’s  stomach full.


Few thing to keep in mind

  1.    Wash vegetables before you cut for cooking.
  2.    Don’t use excess of water if boiling

3.     Sprinkle little salt as cook salt is much more beneficial than raw salt.


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