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Meet the dimple girl with life mantra ‘If you can dream it, then do it’! Devanshi Sharma an author of “No Matter What I Do”  talks about her writing style, what inspires her and what advice she has for aspiring authors.  Devanshi is known as author,  but that’s only one of her talents, she’s also a motivational speaker. Creative coach (Shivangi Rawat)in tete-a-tete  with Devanshi  Sharma .


Shivangi  How you got transformed into an Author? Was it preplanned or by fate?

Devanshi  Well, I started writing in Class 9th.  And the zeal to narrate a story transformed me into an author! I like talking and sharing stories with people. I thought, why not narrate them through the book. So, it was a blind turn towards writing. But, yes, I was clear that if I had to pick up a career, I had to give 200% to it.

Shivangi  How you stepped in to literature?
Devanshi  Literature is beautiful and vast. That’s the sole reason I love it so much! It just gives you a perspective to look at the world from an other angle.

Shivangi “No Matter What I Do” is all about?

Devanshi Four different characters, trying to find what they really want with life, amidst love, friendship and dreams. In one word, it’s about dreams coming true.

Shivangi  Is there any type of writing  which  you prefer?

Devanshi Nope, I think there isn’t a type you can prefer. I write the way my mind guides me to—I’d say, follow your heart when it comes to writing because those are the purest expressions which you could describe.

Shivangi Who is the inspiration behind your writing?

Devanshi My readers are my inspiration to write. Whenever someone writes to me with a smili, I feel rejoiced to write more!

Shivangi What was the most difficult  phase for you –  writing a story or finding a publisher?

Devanshi See, it’s a journey that you have to go through—writing and publishing. And I feel that now if you chose writing as a career, you have to go through both the phases. So, I feel both are difficult in a way!

Shivangi How you take criticism?

Devanshi That is one thing I feel I am comparatively very cool about. I find criticism productive. In fact, whenever anyone has told me that they didn’t like my book, the next question I’d ask is that how could I improve it according to you. Of course, I go with my instincts in writing but knowing what your reader expects is always a priority for me!

Shivangi What are the high points in your life?

Devanshi I don’t think I’ve seen so much of life that I can point the high points. But, one of it is when anyone walks up to me and tell me that my writing inspired them. That is the point I feel satisfied about whatever I am doing. Especially when I can inspire little kids, I feel elated and joyful.

Shivangi How you kill your boredom?

Devanshi I talk. That’s the only thing that can kill boredom for me. I am a talkative chatterbox and whether bored or not, I wouldn’t talk for less than two hours a day! (Wink)

Shivangi Currenty what are you doing ? Are you working on your next book?

Devanshi Yes! I am working on my next release that comes out in December—Imperect Misfits. It’s about a stand-up comedian and a chef. It’s a love story but it details out their dreams and ambitions as well.

Shivangi Any life mantra or quote you follow justify too:

Devanshi  ‘If you can dream it, then do it’

There are choices that life will ask you to make and the bigger the dream, the tougher the choices—but make the choices for your dream, for when nothing works, you work. And never sacrifice your work and dream for anything!


Likes –

Actor: Varun Dhawan

Actress: Anushka Sharma

Dress: Anything that is made up of cotton.

Food: Everything—I am a big foodie and I love eating everything.  

The Best compliement you have received: Recently, I visited a party and there, a thirteen year old walked up to me and said, ‘Didi, aapne book likha hai na. After looking at you, I think I want to become like you.’ That was the cutest and the most genuine compliment someone could give, I believe!


Shivangi We always encourage our guests to inspire our readers with a piece of advice. What would be yours?

Devanshi Advice—well, I’d simply say that if you want to achieve something, there is no other way than doing it. Think of it, dream about it and then, start putting efforts to do it.  Just remember, when you feel confused, lost, heartbroken—it is okay to be that. Just get up, move on and get on the track to achieve your dreams—Again! Chase your dreams!


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