Should Women IPL be a welcome move?

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omen’s  cricket team has now started coming on the focus yes, they are now enjoying the limelight. If we talk about the Indian women’s Cricket team they have given the proud moments to India indeed and all are proud of the team.

After the wonderful showdown and success of Indian team in the ICC women’s world cup, the demand for a women’s IPL has grown up and have earned momentum.

Many women cricketers and fans feel that the Higher Official board of IPL can give a thought for Women’s IPL  also to sustain interest in the game, to boost and attract more youngsters and sponsors this can be a welcome move but it’s not easy as it seems.

There are many hurdles in the path of this, as we can’t predict that people of the country will welcome and support the women in blue as they have been doing for men in blue. Also for IPL, we need a large pool of player, minimum of 60 players we need out of which 15 to 20 can we drafted overas, here we lack as we don’t have players like Mithali, Harmanpreet, Smriti, Veda, Deepti, and Jhulan. We need more players like them.

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We don’t have many quality all-rounders, neither we have many powerful hitters also we have a handful of players which can be a reason for boundaries to be short or empty.

There is no second thought can be thrown on the skill of women they are skillful but we still need a more physically strong player.

It’s a win-win situation or we can’t just comment or jot down. Without we experience the Women’s IPL.

Our priority should get more girls to play cricket not only by giving them a place in the team but also ensuring them about financial securities. This can be done by a talent scout by having open trials. The government should be more active in this section.

Yes, to women’s   IPL

–    The team had made public dumbstruck and swell with proud of their excellent performance in the Women’s world cup. So there they go. They have proven women are not at all less than men.

–    Country people will defiantly support, they also supported world cup so chances have increased.

–    IPL can be a huge boost for women as it can give them exposure at large level with more viewship, can increase publicity and fan base. This will be a great approach to shape the team.

No, to women’s  IPL

–    Already mention we done have a player pool.

–    Need more physically strengthed women  in our team

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