“Shadows and Lies” : The Review


Author: Gerald W. Darnell

This is for the second time I am reading Carson series, first one was “Murder and more” and the current one is “Shadows and Lies”. It is a detective story that binds its way through amazingly described settings; Memphis, Tennessee, in the 1960’s, and characters that come to life, in front of you. Darnell’s ability to describe and execute his virtual characters are superb. I got to know his main character, Carson Reno, as he is in the first person narrating the story. From the prologue, I felt as if, Author Darnell, had taken me into The Peabody Hotel’s lobby, where Carson has his detective office, next to the Down Under Bar. I didn’t have to guess what the characters looked like, no; I could see all of them, their quirks and mannerisms. It’s so damn real. The murder plot (or murders), is very intriguing, twist and turns, clues everywhere, multiple suspects— that make the amateur detective in all of us, ‘sleuth’ our way through the book. If you enjoy a detective and suspense novel, you’ll enjoy this one. Just when you think you figure it out, something happens. Full of intrigue and captivating characters, I loved this story. Reno is one of those unforgettable characters, and Darnell brings the pages to life, with his unique and formidable writing style. Reno grabs your attention and leaves you hanging on every single word. As always, I look forward to whatever comes next from Darnell’s pen and whatever hunt Reno will be on next.

I’m a big Carson Reno fan, and Shadows and Lies is one of the masterpieces! Alluring, suspects, intrigue… wonderful! I’m already excited at this moment for the next exciting mystery in this series. I received this book free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. And I would recommend this to you all with a big yes. Good job Mr. Darnell!


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