Raw movie review: more boring less thrilling


From the last 4-5 years, we are seeing that Bollywood is producing some good quality patriotic movies like URI, Gold, Raazi, etc. Romeo Akbar Walter aka RAW could have entered this list, but it failed miserably. RAW is the tale of a common man who was sent to Pakistan for spying. In the role of a spy, John Abraham looks fine. Jackie Shroff and Sikandar Kher are impressive but the Pakistani accent of Sikandar Kher is so bad. The role of Mouni Roy is very small, and she is very terrible in that role.

The screenplay of the movie is worst which doesn’t create any excitement. The first half of the movie is so boring that many people left the theatre during the interval. The second half is better than the first one, and the climax is also good, but it is predictable.

The background music of the movie is also very dull, and the dialogues of the movie are also very poor.

The direction of this movie is done by Robbie Grewal which isn’t good. He took too much time in the first half for the development of plot and characters and failed miserably. Cinematography and set design are good.

Overall Romeo Akbar Walter is a complete failure in every aspect. We did not feel bad for John and his family, and we did not get patriotism feeling too.

To see the video review of this movie, click here.


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