Pipili Chandua is the charm of Odisha!

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Every village, every city, every state, every country has its own charm that attracts people to explore the land.

How interesting it is, when our place is known famous for our work. Pipili is know for its unique Applique work, also known as patching cloth design and in local language this handicraft is known as “Chandua”. Pipili is on the way from Puri to Bhubaneshwar.  Puri has a wide and distinctive selection of handicrafts. Best known is probably the gorgeous appliqué work. (Appliqué is a French term which means, appliqué is a technique by which various cutting pieces of colored fabric are applied to the surface of another foundation fabric.)

Pipili is a small village which is hugely famous for craft work as all the muses here are master in this handicraft. Each and every family of this village engaged themselves in this appliqué craft. This craft is the livelihood for the peoples residing there. For their day to day needs as they are purely dependent on this craft. As this is a center of attraction for foreigners too.

As with many other handicrafts of Odisha, the root of the appliqué art form is intertwined with the rituals and traditions of Lord Jagannath, the presiding deity of the Puri. Any type worship or sacrificial work is incomplete without  appliqué work. These appliqués arts are used in processions of the deities in their  different rituals.

Chandua is a hereditary craft or artwork. Brightly colored patches of fabric are cut into flower, animals or god images, shapes and then are sewn onto various clothes like bed covers, cushions, wall hangings, etc. this art form typically depends on four basic colors Red,  White, Black, Yellow to produce a striking effect but now a days Green too is being used and applied vigorously enlivening the craft even more.

Designs of great artistic skill are manufactured, where these Samiana (Canopies) and Chhatris (Umbrellas) bears magnificent appliqués.

Apart from the use of these in the religious function, with the little touch of modernity, garments of various designs are also made with it.

Shoppers really have many reasons to rejoice since the amazing appliqué work is always there for them to bag. Therefore, tourism in Pipili is gaining pace because of its beauty and enticing applique work. Therefore, do make it a point to come to Pipili and make the most of your tour to Pipili.

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