Panga Movie 2020 Review: Film Compels Not to Give Up on your Dream

Panga Movie 2020 Review
Panga Movie (PC: KOIMOI)

Star Casts:

Kangana Ranaut as Jaya Nigam

Jassie Gill as Prashant Nigam

Yagya Bhasin as Aditya Gill

Richa Chadha as Meenu (Jaya’s Team mate)

Neena Gupta as Jaya’s Mother

Panga, which means seeking out a confrontation.

Panga is an inspiring story of a woman or rather a sportsperson who returns to the sport she abandoned in exchange for household bliss. All this became possible due to the support of a charming husband a beautiful family.

Panga, directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari is a thoughtful film that compel us to celebrate the will power of a women who refuse to set back due to the restrictions bounded by the society. Who not only said but proved that marriage is not the end of our dreams but it’s an additional support to fly high and achieve our dream.

32-year-old Jaya Nigam once a national level athlete, seems content with a supporting husband, a cheeky but an affectionate son, and a job as a ticket clerk at Bhopal Railway Station. Aside from the nightly ‘kicking’ ritual, kabaddi seems to be in her blood and brain.

When the seven-year-old son of Jaya learns about the sacrifice she made for their family he recruits his father’s help in convincing her to attempt a comeback. Being reluctant at the initial stage, Jaya throws herself into the challenge. There starts the actual panga. Finally, she made her dream comes true and got a place in India Team.

“India Team”, a dream for many sportspersons of the country which Jaya made it not only once but twice in her life time.

No where in the movie it seems to be in realistic as it is definitely a movie to be watched by the women and also men of any age group. It will give you that never die spirit to live your dream once again.

Do definitely give it a watch and make your dream comes true despite of the hurdle called as life.

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