Love letter with Spelling Mistakes

Love Stories with Spelling Mistakes
Love Stories with Spelling Mistakes

Love letter with Spelling Mistakes
Writer: Dr. Vaijayanthi
Publication: ThinkTankBooks
❤So Why this book???
If your bored with typical Indian romance then this book is “the escape for you”.
The provides versatile romance keeping its realistic approach where you get to get lost each time with the differentiated characterization of each story; answering love in its way💙.
❤Which was my fav part?
” I have lived with him for the past forty long years.But he has changed now. He recalls my songs but forgotten his science. He remembers me n my petty details of my life. He recalls even my likes n dislikes. He recalls the which I wanted to call our son with; he has forgotten what he named granddaughter whom I adore though she is retarded, he now thinks she is intelligent.
Does it mean he loved me all his life and I simply did not realize or it is part of the disease too? I thought my life was completely futile.”She sobbed
♥This book is not a simple romance but a deep one playing marvelously with the words.
♥Even you don’t like romance this one can be “the one”
♥Characterization and writing is strength.
♥I would love to read this author more.

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