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Every successful man has a woman behind but this is a saga of successful biz woman who has a man behind for all her success and for gladiator on her heels. Battling the odd a woman with Beauty, Brain, and business Shilpa Agrawal MD and CEO of Akash furniture from Nagpur Becomes the first  married woman from central India to won these titles Mrs. Nagpur 2004 at Mr. and Mrs. Nagpur contest, Mrs. India globe 2015 1st runner-up at Mrs. Globe pageant, Mrs. Inspirational  at Mrs. India Worldwide pageant, Mrs. Universe  Lovely 2017 winner  at Mrs. Universe 2017 pageant. Let’s hear her journey of success.

Shivangi-  Tell us about your background?

Shilpa mam- I was born in a traditional Marwari family with four sisters  and we were not allowed to wear western or not allowed to make friend from opposite sex like very typical then  you won’t believe I was married at age of 18 and a new beginning  started with lots of responsibilities and expectations but that time I was unable to cope up with a pressure of being wife and daughter in law and at age of 20 I delivered a baby boy I was so young that time so It was a very difficult phase for me and at age of 22 I felt broken and thought to finish it all because for me life was miserable me and Akash started fighting at patty issues. So I tried to commit suicide by consuming a bottle of sleeping pills. But with god grace and more of my husband love I was saved. And this was a turning point where my husband steps forward and made me realize that I have to come out and do something in 2003-04 he gave me the news that he had filled my form for Mr. Mrs.  Nagpur pageant and my new life began.

Shivangi-  What are the sacrifices you have made for this pageant?

Shilpa mam-  See I don’t feel that to go for pageant you have to do sacrifices but I would like to tell that if you want to go or going for a beauty pageant start loving yourself.

Shivangi-  What is the best thing that happened to you?

Shilpa mam- The best thing happened to me is getting married to Akash. What I am today is just because of him. He is my backbone .  

Shivangi-  What is the essence of a woman?

Shilpa mam- A woman is the purest creation of God.

Shivangi-   What constitutes true beauty? Describe ‘beauty queen’.

Shilpa mam- Beauty according to me is how grounded, how humble, how true you are. For me, inner beauty is true beauty because physical beauty is just for a limited time that will shrink as time will move on (physical beauty is kuch din ki Chandani) so inner beauty is a true beauty.


Shivangi-  What is your philosophy or value that hold dearest in life?

Shilpa mam- Never ever gave up! Things can be difficult and challenging but can’t be Impossible.

Shivangi-  If you won in a lottery for millions of pesos, what would you do?

Shilpa mam- I don’t think so I will win, God has not given me things very easily so I don’t think he will give lottery.

God gives me but after much struggle (secret, mera or Bhagwan ka 36 ka akada hai solid wala) And I won’t be able to handle this much of money.

Shivangi- How do you see yourself ten years from now?

Shilpa mam- I see myself even after ten years same as I am today. Actually, I cant think. Akash use to see dreams and you to follow him and his dream is to see me in front page if India’s Today. Mrs. India and all the pageants that I have won were dreams of Akash I just executed them. He is a dreamer and I’m his follower.

Shivangi- How you maintain yourself? Any beauty mantra?

Shilpa mam- If you are healthy the entire family is healthy. If you want to reach a certain level for that not only physically but mentally also you have to be strong. yoga I prefer most, it increases your focus stamina and helps in concentrating. Yoga keeps you beautiful and healthy mentally and physically.

Shivangi- Are you looking forward to any other pageants?

I’m not looking forward as this is not my profession, but yes, if I get an opportunity then I will sure go for a pageant.

Shivangi- Is your son is proud of you?

Shilpa mam- I and my son Aryan is a friend more than mother and son. There is nothing like proud but we both are very connected and share everything.

Shivangi- We always encourages our guest to give the price of advice to our readers, what would be yours?

Shilpa mam- Don’t give up and believe in yourself. Take a break and come back with a bang. Don’t compete with others compete with yourself and you will win. Make a moment and enjoy.


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