Is Pakistan responsible for Islamophobia?


Islamophobia, a concept, a topic of discussion for many of us now. Let’s clarify what Islamophobia is! Islamophobia is the fear or hatred of feelings towards the Islamic religion or Muslims in general. There is a huge impact on humanity through Islamophobia, that’s what the world thinks! But is this fact truth enough. It’s time to rethink the concept and show the other side of the concept to the world.

Islamophobia is just one side of the coin. It cannot be just swept away by addressing it as one of the psychic disorders. Yes, it’s not as straight forward as it looks from the top layer. We need to study this topic layer by layer.

Firstly, we need to understand why this concept of Islamophobia arises. Why the majority of the world started this hatred feeling for Islamic religion and Muslims. Why not Christianophobia or why not some other religions are into this trap.  This is a serious concern, yes, it is. One of the main reasons to back this concept is terrorism. A country like Pakistan is clearly giving scope to terrorism and it is a Muslim majority country, this fact is certainly not to be avoided. Pakistan is no more “Pak”, it is certainly “Terroristan” now.

Most of the terrorists like Masoor Azhar and Osama Bin Laden are Muslims, whether you believe it or not. Islam is a beautiful religion just like other religions existing in the world, but few peoples of few countries are bringing bad names to this entire community. This needs to be focused on for the sake of Humanity.

Let’s make this world a beautiful place to live in without the fear of boundaries. Above all religion, humanity should be given foremost importance. Let’s shout it loud and raise our voice against terrorism.

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