Inspiring Journey of B.S Rathi


Creative Coach presents gala of a man who has excellent academic record and a successful career in envied profession of Investment Banking.  He has been a regular speaker on the subject of Financial Restructuring and Insolvency Law, a path breaking law news of which occupies most of pink papers now. Recently he has published his novel “ONE NIGHT STAND” with second title of “Search of true love”. Those who know Mr. Rathi asa CA have been awestruck by seeing his name as an Author and that too on a topic which is a thought to be beyond the pale.

When asked how he has written a 300+ pages book, he said ‘This book was not preplanned. It came out just as fate would have been.  I have been writing poems and short stories from the beginning. So that background had helped.’ From childhood, he has been reading many novels and stories and he has tried hands-on writing also but never to the scale of writing a complete novel. He says ‘God has given me some literacy skills which allowed me to step into literature.’

About his book, he says “One Night Stand is all about relationship. I have always been wondering about a short-term relationship which develops between two persons of opposite sex as we see in movies or read in novels. Many times such relationships happen due to infatuation, sometimes due to attraction, matching of wavelength, thoughts and sometimes purely need-based.”He gives example of “Joggers Park” or “Lunch Box”. In both, these movies attraction happens between a male and female one of whom is having a married life. Still such attraction was not based on sexual need. Then why did attraction happened? Wonders author. Can it be called love or is it infatuation or sympathy? He says that through “One Night Stand”, he has tried to analyze and figure out answers to this puzzle.

His inspiration for writing is his friends from MBF class who have kept him at a very high esteem. To write is easy but the most difficult part has been to gather the courage to publish a book on such topic and market it

He is a very open-minded man who wishes to write about the same subject that is man-woman attraction without having nupital binding.

On asking about criticism he said ‘I am taking criticism openly though that is easier said than done. I know my weak points and that this was my first attempt so there would be some shortcomings. So if there is a criticism which points out my flaws in writing then I have no issues. However, a few of them have criticised without even reading properly or based on a bias. That has been rather difficult to accept.’

Currently, he is occupied with his professional work that is holding him to write his next book.  Moreover he is not getting momentum to write.

Apart from writing, he loves to cook and host games at social events. He is a religious follower of Cricket and other sports.

Being an introvert and an abstainer, the author is a strong advocate of the philosophy “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” which is completely opposite to what his job profile requires


Authors like him inspires other, profession and passion can be balanced at a time you just need a courage to make them true, Considering his background and professional occupation it’s an inapposite move to write a book but to write a fictional novel with abundant instances of physical love-making and illicit relationships is absolutely astonishing from this 51 year old family man.


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