India vs New Zealand First Test Match 2020 Analysis: Surrender of The Dominant

Cricket Lovers can take a look into our analysis report on "India vs New Zealand First Test Match 2020"

India vs New Zealand First Test Match 2020 Analysis
India vs New Zealand First Test Match 2020 Analysis

Indian cricket team started the year 2020 in a fantastic manner as they pumped Sri Lanka in T20 and Australia in the ODI series which followed by a clean sweep series win in New Zealand in the T20 format. But since that things haven’t been with India as they suffered a 3-0 series defeat in one day format. Then came the test format in which India is considered as the best in the world as they dominated almost all the series at home and lead the points table of the test championship by a huge margin. But, the first test has brought back a usual overseas memory as India suffered defeat in 3 and half days which means a complete surrender by the most dominant side. What went wrong for India? Let’s have a look.


Yes, toss is something which is not in our hands, but New Zealand winning toss and putting India to bat in wellington where quality of air will be outstanding and pitch will be at the best on the first day morning of the test cricket hasn’t went good for India. Batsmen did struggle to keep up to the New Zealand pacers and lost early wickets which is were 50 percentage of the match was sealed for New Zealand.

Poor shot selection:

There is no doubt, Indian batsmen are one of the best in the world, but in this game if they had played little sensible and took their time to get settled, situation could have been different as they would have scored 250 runs instead of getting bundled out for 165. 250 would have been a winning score as it would have added an extra pressure for New Zealand batsman in the wellington pitch as Indian bowling line up is one of the threatening bowling lines up in the world. Batsmen opted for poor shot selection which includes Mayank Agarwal throwing it away in the first innings. Even the world best batsman and Indian captain Virat Kohli comes under the list in the both the innings of the game. There is famous saying that, even Elephant’s leg slips at times, Virat proved it right in the first test.

Not learning from the mistakes:

Getting bundled out in the first innings happens to many teams, but India failed in the same fashion in the second innings which clearly showed another careless effort from the best batting line up in the world. Mayank was good on the second innings, even Pant played a decent knock despite getting out for 25. We should wait and watch how strongly India comes back in the second test.

Allowed key moments to slip away:

India lost quick wickets in the first session, but one good partnership could have taken India to a 250 but a horrible Run out of Pant ended the hopes and India was bowled out for 165. Never the less, Indian bowlers came back strong and reduced New Zealand to 225-7 and was looking good In reducing lead for under 90 runs which would have reduced pressure in a huge manner and Indian batsmen would have had a chance of giving a decent target for New Zealand to chase, but they let the moment go as Tail Enders put on 120 odd runs.

Form of spinners:

Indian spinner Ravi Ashwin was clearly not at his best, yes, we should agree the fact that New Zealand pitches does not assist spinner like the pitches in Asia, but if he is able to hit little righter track, Ashwin will be the key man in the second test.

Winning the second test will not be a mountain task for India, toss going their way and maturity from Indian batsmen will make an easy win for Indians in the second test.

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