How to choose the title of your novel?

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How should you select the Title for your Book?

Many Authors usually struggle with this question. One should start with some basic knowledge about the book so choosing a relevant title will become easy. Better to ask yourself “What the message of the book is? A good title of the book should reflect uniqueness, easy to remember, and the name which is completely relevant to the context of the book.

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Tips to Choose:

Main Essence of the Book- One has to start with some basic knowledge about their book which makes it easy to choose a relevant title. Mainly, focusing on the message which is written in the book must be reflected in the title. Think about what potential book buyers may be looking for and how your choice of keywords in your title, can attract them to your book.

Seek & Search- Be creative, but also be clever enough and do a search for some keywords which are not only easy to remember but also appeals to the readers. The title should make a reader intrigued. Make sure that your book is well read by someone who gives you a genuine feedback. Seeking online help is also a good idea for some unique and popular words.

Be Specific, Be Simple- The kind of title that worked for a big novel a century ago may leave today’s reader cold. People want instant information about the book’s content. One can also do better with simple words rather than ones people have to look up or ones you’ve made up yourself.

Avoid over usage of words- There can be few words that might bury your title. Don’t let that happen. Try to look for that kind of words that usually people would search for and which are less competitive. Don’t run with the crowd for the book title. Hunt for words that are underused, yet most importantly, very searchable.


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