Green Startups will bring revolutionary change

PIRO4D / Pixabay

So what is a green startup? It’s a “go green” idea which can help our future generation enjoy the earthly facilities by switching to alternate methods which do not harm the existing environment. So here We have come up with a few green start up ideas which can develop further to social business ventures.


  1. Multimedia solutions for rural education

This means to use Internet and other such sources to get ideas for agriculture, healthcare and basic nutrition. To share knowledge amongst the people of a village to use a particular method of farming or the instructions to use a newly developed technology.

  1. Waste Management

Collect waste from dump yards and houses in a particular neighbourhood and use this to create compost which can be used for various other purpose such as manure for agricultural purposes. These can help both farmers and the people in the neighbourhood.

  1. Solar energy

Solar power is a means to save electricity bill money and put it to use elsewhere. It costs a lot of money for installation but the maintaining charges are nominal provided it’s checked regularly. It’s a safer alternative and useful on a longer run.

  1. Rainwater harvesting


Water concerns are all over the place and we can use the freshest and purest source, that’s rainwater, to collect water so we can further use it for our needs butWe face irregular rainfall so an organisation that an create storage facilities according to customers’ requirement is a need of the hour.


  1. Rooftop farming

rooftop farms and kitchen gardens can aim to grow organic vegetables on every roof and to convert every building into a living green building, thus generate a large number of urban carbon credits in the world.


Employing similar techniques to business can help both society and also you can create a fortune. Such methods will ensure that more employment opportunities are also created.


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