Deep Kalra : The Man Who Changed Tourism in India


Deep Kalra is the first one to start the online travel business in India, MakeMy Trip:  the largest online travel company as well as e-commerce business in India. A proud owner and the man who changed the Indian tourism completely.

Deep Kalra was born in Hyderabad and grew up in Delhi and Ahmadabad, a bachelor’s in economics degree and MBA from IIM-A. Before making his own company he went on to have a corporate career and worked in GE Capital, ABN AMRO Bank, etc! But he left his settled job of banker and worked on his own company.

Once he said “First work for a professional. That way, you know the value of someone who works for you.

Hire people better than you. If your marketing, operations, and finance guys are not better than you, why are you hiring them?”

Entrepreneurship can be an easy substitute for someone with no real livelihood and it might be easy. But it is much more difficult to venture into the unexplored or nameless project, for the better off. He tempted and chased for his dreams and to achieve success it took a decade to achieve multinational lure. And now he is soaring on heights.

Before having his own startup Deep was a banker in ABN AMRO Bank and was fixed there for three years Deep says “I was 23 and fresh out of an MBA and it was a fairly obvious choice to go with the flow which people are trying to change now but back then, I took up a banking job,” but he felt expurgated and he thought banking was not his cup of a tea, and he quit his job  and took a break for about a year to figure out what to do next.

And then he got an idea of MMT i.e. MakeMy Trip and he was amazed by the power of the internet and invested his saving in this venture, which is now successfully raising capital.

Presently he is living with his spouse and he is blessed with a daughter and son.

Few of his achievements are – Chairperson of the NASSCOM Internet Working Group, Member of the Executive Council of NASSCOM, Member of CII’s Tourism sub-committee, Awarded as the “Best Travel Portal India” by World Travel Awards (2014, 2013),Awarded as the “E-tailer of the Year” by ET Retail Awards (2014, 2013), Awarded as the “Best Online Travel Service Firm” by Times Travel Honors (2011), Listed as “Ten Best Companies to work for in India” by Great Place to Work Institute (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010).

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