Creative Writing at Early Morning

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The best time for writing and creativity can be early in the morning. Ones experience with writing may contradict this morning advice. The consensus on a single best writing time is very much up in the air. There is still a lot we don’t know about body rhythms and the writing process. But we can make some projections based on what we do know. But if that doesn’t explain the situation enough, let’s tackle it from a different angle.

Benefits of writing in the morning

Well, bloggers are pretty free people, but being free doesn’t mean that you can’t set some of your activities to a fixed schedule. Especially if those activities simply make sense. And it really does make sense for writing in the early hours. Here’s why.

Even though our brain is an extremely complex thing, some of its characteristics are pretty predictable. For instance, once our brain gets a grasp that one particular activity is being done every day, first thing in the morning, and it has been done for the past month or so, it will get used to that activity. This is something that can help us extremely. Once your brain is used to you writing every day in the morning, it will prepare all your writing resources and skills to be in their top shape waiting for you. This is something that can (and will) improve your writing significantly.

Fighting the early-day confusion and warming up. Mostly, mornings can be confusing. You wake up and there’s so much stuff to do that you don’t know where to start. No matter what it is exactly, the first step is always the most difficult, and once we’re going, we’re going. Having the first-thing-in-the-morning activity can be of great help here. You know that no matter how much stuff you have to do, you always start your day by writing. Another benefit. Writing is a great warm-up activity for your brain. It gets you ready for other things the day can bring.And there’s also the most obvious benefit of them all. You simply start your day with a fresh and shiny article, ready to be published, sent as a guest post, sold, or whatever else you’re doing with your content.

Good habits like waking up early in the morning are an essential key to being a more better and productive writer. As you get to know your own writing rhythms, you’ll be able to take advantage of times when you know you’re at your best creatively, and times when you’re most likely to be able to push through stacks of writing.



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