Coronavirus Live Updates: Story behind the Outbreak of the Epidemic

Coronavirus Live Updates (PC: 3D4MEDICAL/ 3D4MEDICAL)
Coronavirus Live Updates (PC: 3D4MEDICAL/ 3D4MEDICAL)

The very beginning of this decade is being taken by storm by the Coronavirus epidemic, which seems to be spreading to more countries. This virus is a part of the large family of virus, and it causes symptoms that range from just a common cold and then go on to progress into severe diseases

The beginning of the outbreak:

  • During the month of December 2019, Wuhan (the seventh-largest city in China) witnessed a cluster of pneumonia cases with no specific causes and this was primarily linked to a wholesale market containing stalls of chicken, fishes, marmots, bats, venomous snakes and other wild animals, called Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market.
  • While many others also suspect that the outbreak happened due to a laboratory research failure at some research institute of Wuhan. Well, that may be a myth, but we need to wait for the real story to come up in a few days. (As per the sources, which has not been proven yet).

The potential cover-up of the outbreak by the Chinese Government:

  • Though the WHO has commended the government of China for efficiently handling the outbreak, there are a lot of rumours that claim that the Chinese Government tried to hide the outbreak from the public and the world.
  • There also exists substantial evidence to back-up this argument, with the claim that the Chinese government tried to suppress the existence of Coronavirus even when multiple medical staffs were said to have been infected from the human-human transmission.
  • The Chinese Police are also said to have punished doctors on the frontline accused of ‘spreading rumours’ when they were just trying to warn the public about the virus in late December.
  • There are also some speculations that the origin of this virus was not from actual animals, but research and if true, this may be the very reason for this potential cover-up.

The approach of different countries to deal with this epidemic:

  • While the Americans evacuated from Wuhan city will be hosed in California on an airbase temporarily.
  • Indian students were being airlifted to the country.
  • The Australians flown back will be quarantined for two weeks on an island.
  • The police force in South Korea has been given the green light to detain anyone who refuses to be quarantined.
  • China, which is essentially in the centre of it all, has put Wuhan on a lockdown, therefore stopping any travelling in and out of the city. But the disease has already spread to many countries as there was extensive worldwide travel by the Chinese citizens during the Lunar New Year celebration and countries all over the world are taking measures of precaution.
  • Recently, Pakistan has resumed its flights to China, despite a suspected case of infection in an engineering student of Sindh province after returning from China. Though the student is presently quarantined by the authorities, Pakistan is still under some criticism and backlash.

Symptoms and Preventive measures:

  • The symptoms include the following – fever, cough, shortness of breath and also diarrhoea. The onset of symptoms after exposure is estimated by the WHO at two to ten days. Cases with severe symptoms can also result in kidney failure, pneumonia and death.
  • Preventive measures – good personal hygiene, regular hand washing. In case of infection, should wear a surgical mask and seek medical help immediately. Avoiding close contact with persons who have a respiratory illness, regular hand washing, covering mouth and nose when coughing is also recommended by the World Health Organisation.

The death toll as of now has reached up-to 563 as per the “The New York Times”, and unfortunately, there is no existing cure, But the scientists are working at a rapid pace to find the cure for this Coronavirus.

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