Cold drinks or Nimbu Pani: who will lead this summer

Katzenfee50 / Pixabay

Brace yourselves, because summer is coming. And by the looks of it it’s coming with a vengeance. But fear not, because we have just the thing for you. One of the best ways to keep those summer blues away is drinking a lot of fluids that naturally cool the body and help replenish the nutrients lost through sweat. In summer, we tend to sweat a lot and one of the worst fears is that of dehydration. But drinking enough fluids helps restore the body salts and essential nutrients we lose through sweat. While drinking water does help, adding some flavour to it makes it more interesting and helps one to enjoy the drink too.

Many prefer for Cold Drinks to quench their thirst. But, there is always a healthy way to tackle dehydration i.e., by choosing desi delicious drinks like “Nimbu Paani”.

One has to agree that Nimbu Paani is the ultimate summer drink. One can have as much of it as they want. Wherever one goes, whichever part of the country, Nimbu Paani can be found in some form or the other. Nimbu Paani or Lemon Water is not just plain lemon juice and water but has sugar and salt at times a couple of other mixed Indian spices along with crushed mint leaves to add an interesting flavour. Indian summers are absolutely incomplete without Nimbu Paani! Making Nimbu Paani is child’s play! Cut a lemon in half and squeeze its juice into a glass. Add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of powdered sugar and one can also add more if they like it sweeter. Crush some mint leaves with hands and add to the juice. Add ice cubes, top it up with chilled water, and mix well till the sugar and salt dissolve and drink!

Nimbu Paani can be easily made at home and highly recommended by grandmothers, primarily for their cooling properties. The fact that this drink is highly refreshing and delicious is an added bonus.


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