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A typical Mumbaikar, an IT professional and management student ANUJ TIWARI  is currently working as Quality and Business Analyst at Accenture Services, awarded as Best Emerging Author by Newspapers Association of India (NAI) Achiever Awards, October 2014 and was also awarded as the youngest youth icon for his simple and effective thoughts. “Journey of Two Hearts! –will be cherished forever” was his debut novel. His latest novel is “I Tagged Her in My Heart”. Let us know more about his writing.

Shivangi – Everyone knows you as an author now we would love to know Anuj Tiwari as an individual. Tell us about yourself.

Anuj Tiwari – I love to walk the same streets, no matter what comes to life and go. I am inspired by the life I live, and that helps me to write and understand lives we all live which is visible in my all books.

Shivangi -Being an author of best-selling novels how it feels?

Anuj Tiwari – It feels good from where the journey had started five years ago. However, you have to work hard so that you can create such more events in life with every new book.

Shivangi – The Best moment you cherish?

Anuj Tiwari – Every single reader who is inspired by my books.

Shivangi -If not author than what career you would have chosen?

Anuj Tiwari – Somewhere something creative for sure but what…I don’t know. Writing also happened accidentally.

Shivangi -Tell us about your latest book “I Tagged Her in My Heart”, what do you hope readers take away from it?

Anuj Tiwari – This book tells the reality I have gone through over the years. This is one of the closest books I have written so far. I am sure readers love it because I have just not written my story, I have written our stories.

Shivangi – What is one the thing you are most thankful for as a writer?

Anuj Tiwari – That I have wonderful readers around. They mean everything to me.

Shivangi – What made you write? Any story behind writing a story?Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?

Anuj Tiwari – My all books are real stories. In the book, ‘I Tagged Her in My Heart,’ there a character Dimpy Aunty and many more, they will take you on another journey.

Shivangi -What is your best marketing tip?

Anuj Tiwari – Write well. It’s the slowest process but the most reliable ten years down the line.

Shivangi – How do you feel after receiving awards does it motivates you more to write?

Anuj Tiwari – All awards are dedicated to my failures. If I would have achieved things that I wished for, probably I would not have been awarded. So respect every failure you go through and appreciate your life.

Shivangi -We always encourage our guests to inspire our readers with a piece of advice. What would be yours?

Anuj Tiwari – You are yours before you are someone else. If you follow your dreams, the world will follow you.

That was Anuj Tiwari! Creative coach wishes him glorious success and hopes he would come up with many more remarkable books.


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