Braindrain: Is it actually draining India?

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Have you ever thought about brain drain and its effect, brain drain is actually draining Indian? Brain drain can be a failure in many perspectives.

Definition of brain drain – The emigration of highly trained or qualified people from a particular country.

Brain-drain is not at all good for India and neither for any other nation in the world.

Imagine a society where people are being educated, manufactured, trained, fed and brought up with a hope that they would serve the society and build the nation, but after the completion of training the people of society got to know that the person whom they trained choose to build some other nation, develop other nation. How bad they feel.

Those people choose to go out of the country and serve another country rather than serving in their own country are those people who only need a huge tagline to work for hundred companies.

They don’t want to be recognized by their own ability, own education, they simply want to be recognized as the worker of the brand country

Brain drain should completely bane for a developing country like India. It is actually a barrier for the development of the country. Talented and qualified people shift from India to the developed countries in search of better lifestyle and opportunities. Ample of the students after graduating from top institutions like the IITs migrate which comes as a huge cost to the country’s human resource? Despite of being the second largest producer of doctors, engineers and scientists India still is unable to develop at a rate which it is expected to and the major reason behind it is brain drain.  As per report it’s  not their fault who abandon India to shift somewhere else. They are do this because they don’t get satisfactory facilities here.

Many people in India think that our country is developing the country.  Why don’t they think a solution to make India developed country and contribute and serve the country? I am must unsatisfied with the migrations if we encourage brain drain, if our country export intelligent persons to abroad, how can we develop? So we have to avoid brain drain. We are the civilization of our own country how we can leave our pride and serve other nation.

Brain drain is seriously a bad thing that affects the country. The government should take steps to regain the quality and talented professionals moving to overseas in distinct domains. All these actions will make the country rich with skilled experts which in turn help in the development of the nation.

I believe in togetherness that can help our country to become developed. we can make our nation better. Above is a personal view of a writer, no offends to anyone.

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