Book Review of “One Night Stand” by B.S Rathi


Book Title – One Night Stand: Search of True Love

Author  – B.S Rathi

Paperback –  330 pages

Publisher –  Notion Press

Release date – 12 October 2017

Language English



Can love and sex be separated and distinguished from each other?

It is common for human beings to get attracted to each other. Question is what creates such attraction? Love or physical need?

Such attraction, at times, can be so tempting or so strong that it crosses the boundaries created by the society. Has society’s dynamic standards of morality and ethics changed so much to accept such things pardonable? Or certain moral values are sacrosanct?

A successful corporate executive, his legal wife and two happily married women face these questions at different phases of their lives and take contrasting stands. Read the novel to find out where their contrasting stands on love, sex and relationships lead their life to.


About author

BS Rathi is a Chartered Accountant with a distinguished academic record securing All India 3rd rank in Chartered Accountancy and 1st rank in Master in Business Finance. He is one of the Promoter and Whole Time Director of Sumedha Fiscal Services Limited, a boutique Investment Banking Company and has been a regular speaker on the subject of Financial Restructuring and Insolvency Law.

Being an introvert and a teetotaller, the author is a strong advocate of the philosophy “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” which is completely opposite to what his job profile requires.

His keen interest in writing poems and parables since childhood has served as a catalyst for writing this book. Apart from writing, he loves to cook and host games at social events. He is a religious follower of Cricket and other sports.

Considering his background and professional occupation it’s an uncharacteristic move to write a book but to write a fictional novel with abundant instances of physical love-making and illicit relationships is absolutely astonishing from this 51 year old family man.


At the introductory page,the background of the author is given and  I would like to pat on the back of author for how easily he has jotted down the masterpiece which is just contradictory to his age as well as his personality.It requires a lot of audacity to write on a subject which is considered a taboo in our society even if it is a fiction.

Characters of the novel are Iqbal –  Namrata – Sandeep, Mona- Atul, and Heena- Samir. The characterization of every person has been done very deep and very genuine. The story of the novel starts with dinner invitation from Iqbal to Atul and his wife,Mona and then the story flows in a rhythm. Novel which is in 42 parts, in the novel  the author has described links between Mona, Heena, and Namrata in a very smooth manner. The corporate life has been depicted in a very surreal way. Every human desirefor the physical intimacy, but few are able to refrain their urges and few look out for and choose other options.

There is genuine portrayal of different shades of human which you can feel in every character. The character Namrata who was bound to the promises made to her father and lover but those promises haunted her and made herunable to move on. The character of Mona is shown that she got infatuated towards Iqbal but later she realized her mistake and she felt guilty. And there is a characterof Heena, a bold and realistic woman, who managed her dimensions and equations in every field and proved to be strong and outspoken.

Minute attention to detail has been shown by the author in all aspects. The traits of human personality described in the novel would certainly make each readerto relate with the real-life characters.

The novel gives the reader a semblance of a blockbuster movie.The story is very compelling and absorbing and the plot has been knitted in a fine structure which makes the reader glued to the book, page by page. Surely the novel is a page-turner.The narration of scenes are so well drafted that the scenes start playing in the mind automatically as soon as the reader starts reading the book.The Climax is unexpected.

Felicitous cover page and title of the novel gives the urge to read the core of the book. Blurb is very sharp and crisp to tempt the readers.

“One-night stand: Search of True Love” is an enthralling and captivating book, a successful masterpiece of the author. Highly recommended to all adults.


Rating Meter

Title – 3/5

Cover – 3/5

Blurb – 4/5

Plot – 4/5

Narration and language – 4/5

Over all – 4/5


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