Best for Fitness: Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset

stevepb / Pixabay

As a runner, one knows the power of a pumped-up playlist to energize the workout. As a techie, one will covet the best gadgets. So when it comes to legging it, one will naturally want top-notch gear to play the music clearly and unobtrusively. That means a pair of earphones that fit as snugly as the sneakers, deliver rich sound, and perform well in buckets of sweat.

The Jaybird X3s are great overall workout earbuds, an ideal balance of sound, size, and price. Packing very good sound for such a small package, the Jaybirds come with an array of tips and wings that help them to fit any ear shape and size. Out of the box and with the great seal made by the ear tips, the Jaybirds have ample volume, solid bass, and good balance. And an option of default sound signature, which can be changed using Jaybird’s companion app.

The third generation of the X-Series Bluetooth headphones are even smaller with bigger sound, better battery, and our most secure-fit ever. X3 also brings the Jaybird App experience to the X-Series for the first time. While they lack the bells, whistles, and heart rate monitoring capabilities of other headphones but with an eight-hour battery life, and in a very compact form factor, the Jaybird X3s can’t be beat for overall quality.

It covers rain, mud, sun, sweat, and tears. These Bluetooth sport headphones will take a beating and go wherever one goes. With its rugged outdoor performance, sweat-proof and water resistant headphones the music gives an extra rush to get to out of the door when one need it the most.

Features of Wireless Sport Headphones:

  • 8 hour play time
  • Secure + Comfort-Fit with interchangeable tips and fins for all ear sizes
  • Customize your sound with the Jaybird app
  • Sweat-proof and water resistant
  • Music + Calls

Pump up the bass or treble to create the perfect sound quality using the Jaybird App. With music one can push through pain to exercise longer and harder. Use the energy to exercise more efficiently. The reduced the size and improved the fit by designing super-ergo fins and including  Comply tips for a solid, secure comfort-fit, these buds are sticking with you no matter how crazy active you get. One can use the inline controller to turn them on and off, answer calls, skip tracks and go back tracks, switch phone calls.



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