Accidentally in Love: A Granite Bay Series



When Noah Benedict, a sexy man with a hint of an Aussie accent and veterinarian, arrives in the Pacific Northwest town of Granite Bay, Oregon, he sees a dream come true to head up the equine unit at Cascadia Equine Clinic. It’s a fresh start in a new place where he can lay the past to rest once and for all. And, reaffirm his status as a confirmed bachelor because he is married to his work. But little does he know, how meeting one woman can change all of that in an instant, and how that encounter will bring a past back to haunt him. Kenda Jones runs the Cascadia Horse Ranch, a sanctuary for rescue horses. Her dedication to rescuing these majestic animals leaves little room for anything else, including men. One day all that changes. Sitting in her favorite booth sipping a latte with her best friend, Ty Montgomery, she locks eyes with a newcomer to town. When he comes into the café, he is like a force of nature. She fights his magnetic stare and beguiling smile but is lost in both despite her steely resolve to eschew all men. Kenda’s heart races when he crooks his finger at her since she is helpless to ignore the stirrings in her heart that brings her closer to the one thing she is vowed to avoid, love.


Trisha Harley McCarthy has an amazing way of telling a story. ‘Accidentally in Love’ is risky, lively, multi-faceted and enthralling. I loved the characters, their life like descriptions and all about their lives. Going back and forth in time, and crossing the lives of the book’s characters, are just two ways she weaves her magic, every character, scene, and situation leaves a vivid print on the reader’s mind for sure!

The cast seems to be somewhere between emotional teenagers and adults, based on their reactions to every little thing. The premise of this book is solid. Noah needs therapy. Kendra needs therapy. And they should definitely do that before getting married. This is my first Trisha Harley McCarthy book, and I loved it! I loved the build-up of the relationship between Noah and Kenda. And, of course, I loved the ending.

I give “Accidentally in Love: A Granite Bay Series” five stars and highly recommend it.

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