How to become a motivational speaker!

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person who can transform some other person by his words is a true motivational speaker.  Anyone can become a motivational speaker yes, anyone can become, you just have to follow some steps to be a successful motivational speaker. Everyone has a story inside them few speak up and motivate other by them and few just gulf them silently.

Here are steps that can help you to became a motivational speaker

 Know yourself and become an expert –  Bring out your hidden talent in front of the mirror first. Be confident while speaking.  Try to know your all strength and use them at right places. Be bold be positive.

 Enhance your public speaking skills – Polish your speaking skills in public. This you can do by anchoring or speaking in mass, in functions you can command as a leader. This will increase your inner strength and will help you to speak in front of many peoples.

Build experience – motivational speaker need real-world experience to develop their style and presentation. Opt for certification programs. There are many organizations offer different types of public speaking and leadership certification programs. To become certified, you might have to complete training classes and speak at a specific number of live engagements. This can be a good experience.

Start with know place and people – start speaking in front of people you are with or in known place get feedback.

Choose a subject as per public demand –  Think through the subjects that have had an inordinate impact on you. These are subjects that you would like to share with others because you really, intensely feel that others could benefit from your knowledge.

Provide free speeches –  In the initial phase of your, you can start with free speeches for small workshops. From this, you can know the response that will help you lot

Be flexible –  You should be ready to change your speech as per niche and audience. Be prepare for this. The most important rule for any professional is to maintain a degree of flexibility.

Get paid –  After having live sessions and experiences start charging for your speeches, but remember audience should we overwhelmed by your speeches and should be influenced.

Prepare promotional material –  Start working on adverting yourself as a motivational speaker.

Get represented by speakers’ bureaus – Speakers bureaus are companies that can find work for you. Once you have some experience as a speaker, you can start approaching bureaus in your community to represent you.

More over you can learn by following motivational speakers who have already mastered in this. And are well know personalities.



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